J’aime la France

I really curious about europe since I was a child. That’s one of the reason why Me and Riri Puspita Sari (my bestfriend and travel-mate) were applying for ISFiT (International Student Festival in Trondheim), Norway… and finally from more than 4300 applicants, we are accepted as participants. How lucky!

Before the festive, me and Riri were making a brief euro-trip plan. ISFiT has give us a big opportunity to explore europe, not only Norway with the schengen visa from the Norway embassy. We decided to go to Paris (as our first destination), Amsterdam, Berlin, and finally Oslo,Norway.

Paris is listed in my “places-to-see-before-I-die”  list. And finally, on Feb 4 2011, I arrived in Paris, France with Riri. Both of us were really excited for this short euro-trip.

me & Riri

After arrived in Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport, we start our journey with RER and Metro (both of them are train transportation system in Paris). Our first destination is Kak Dewi’s house. She was our host in Paris. She is sweeeeeeettt, and really kindhearted. She is an indonesian woman, who already married with a great guy from England (if I’m not mistaken :p), and now she stays with her beautiful-cute-adorable daughter, named Chloe, while his husband stays in London doing his job.

Kak dewi and Chloe

We were having a great time in Paris withKak Dewi and Chloe.

small family in Paris ❤

I looove champ elysees. A big-wide road filled with cafes and shopping centers.You’ll find a lot of tourists from all over the world here 🙂

Avenue des Champs-Elysées

Eiffel Tower, the most popular one. For me, it is not that special, but yes, eiffel tower is a very romantic place. You will find lots of couples enjoying their romance here. In front of tower, there is a long park. I love this park more than the tower honestly. hehehehee 😀

Eiffel Tower

I love to annoy the birds wherever I found them ;p

Here it is, the great man with great performance in front of the sacre coeur Church.

It takes quite a looong way to get into the church, since it is located on top of the Montmartre Hill, one of the highest points in Paris. And as the result, you will get a great view of the city from the front of the Church!

This gorgeous white church was build in 1876 and took about 40 years to complete it’s construction. Inside this Romanesque / Byzantine styled church you can find beautiful paintings and sculptures. Also, one of the largest bells in the world is housed in this church.

This is what I love from europe, the old great buildings with perfect sculptures 🙂

Sacre Coeur

The Louvre

If you remembered The Da Vinci Code movie, you must be familiar with this place. The Musée du Louvre contains many of civilization’s greatest artistic triumphs and most important antiquities. “Must-sees” include the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

Notre Dame is a cathedral in Paris. Both the exterior and the interior of Notre Dame are endowed with numerous spectacular features!

Notre Dame

The only french word that i always remember is only this one -______-”

sortie = exit

Well, overall from Paris, I love this city… but I think I love Germany and Norway more. Paris quite great as a fashion and romantic city, but I still find the dirty and stinky part in city corners. Paris also has lots of refugee coming from other country. They ask for money everywhere, especially at the tourist-place that sometimes makes you feel insecure. But it is good to know that Paris police oftenly doing the inspection to make sure that everything is ok around the city 🙂

J’aime la France!


2 thoughts on “J’aime la France

  1. wah kak,kok bisa sih awalnya ke paris lewat ISFiT?
    tell me more about your trip,because i love france so much,since i was kid,disana halal gak tentang makanannya? enak gak makanannya?
    iiih enaaaak pgen kak…

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