Life recently :)


it is been a loooong while since my last post.
I miss writinggg like so muchhh! But never find the perfect time to write down all my thoughts and publish it into my old blog….

There are huge things happened in my life recently.
I (finally) graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung, and officially become an Industrial Engineer. 😀 I will never forget my 4 years life in ITB, a very warm place to learn and grow and surrounded by amazing, smart, hard worker students and inspirational lecturer from all over the country!
Although It was tough at the same time. But hey, tough is not a bad thing, somehow it forms you into a Better person by being used to under pressure work and tight competitive environment. Since as for me, Being the worst around the great ones is better than being the best one in a so-so environment. Hehe.
Around 3 months after graduation, I finally got accepted in one of the FMCG companies, another blessing from the Almighty. 🙂

Since then, I started to think about my long term life. What am I going to be in the next 5, 10, 20 years? I really am happy to work in my current company, but I know that it won’t be my first priority for the long run.

I always interested in education and social. My dream is to be one of the Industrial Engineer lecturer, being part of them who play a huge role by educating future leaders, like what my Inspiring Professor (Prof Senator Nur Bahagia) did to me 🙂

But then I realize, I have one bigger and more challenging dream to catch : Being a good mom and wife. It is going to be the highest level of career that I can achieve 😀
So now I know what I am going to be for my long futuree, a full time wifey and mom, and a part time worker…hehehe.

Dear Allah The Almighty, guide me please… be your favorite ones, like Siti Hajar and Khadijah 🙂

Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakil, ni’mal maula wa ni’man nashir..


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